The following is a proposed WIN medical evaluation that is conducted in our first patient appointment. The physician and /or Nurse practitioner will complete a thorough examination that can be broken down into three categories: medical, neurological, and therapeutic.




Cause of symptoms What is affected?

Neurological examination

How to fix it
Review medical history and review of systems Cognitive skills
Concentration/ focus
Memory, Processing of  information
Explanation of findings, diagnosis and initial plan of treatment 
Development History Sensory Order objective evaluations for the findings and determine severity.
Academic / Socioemotional History Motor (fine, gross, balance & coordination, viso-motor) Referrals to other health professional, if necessary
Previous and current treatments Speech (Receptive, Expressive, Language) Order laboratory test
Complete physical evaluation Socioemotional (Depression, low self-esteem) Orders for medications and treatments as necessary
Middle Ear Function test (Tympanogram / Acoustic Reflex test Extensive explanation of orders and schedule in house tests

Medical: this is an evaluation that goes over the patient’s previous medical records and treatments. The doctor reviews developmental, school, and socioemotional history. There will also be a physical evaluation.  The doctor reviews all the parent, caregiver and patient’s concerns. The doctor will fully analyze these findings and discuss them with the parent/caregiver or patient. 

-Estimated Time: 45 mins

Neurological: the doctor investigates what neurological aspect may be affecting the patient cognition.  In this exam the doctor evaluates the cognitive, sensory, motor (fine, gross, balance and coordination, viso-motor), speech and language skills, and their academic socioemotional state. 

-Estimated Time: 20 mins

Therapeutic: once the complete evaluation is done, the doctor goes over the findings with the family and patient. She explains the evaluations /referrals that are needed to provide the objective evaluation of the findings and the initial plan to improve the patient’s condition. 

After the doctor finishes, the family and/ or  patient meets with the administrative personnel who will review the doctor’s instructions and schedule the in-house evaluations and laboratory studies.  In addition, she will orient them in the pharmacy, medications and other orders. 

Estimated Time: 30-45 min.

  • The estimated times can vary depending on the condition.