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WIN treats infants from birth to age 1

This is the stage in life where all the skills related to the development of cognitive skills are defined. These stages should happen at the expected time and in the right way. As we have seen over the years, the development stages should happen at the exact time for everybody, not before or after the expected time. For example, it is not good that a child starts walking before their first year or crawls with one leg lifted.

At this age, most patients do not have significant symptoms at the time of the initial visit, or they have been evaluated and the parents or caregiver are not satisfied with the diagnosis. Our neurodevelopmental pediatric can identify and promptly treat any condition that affects the development of their skills.

Developmental Red Flags

This measurement instrument was developed to help parents and caregivers to identify red flags that could affect development. We utilize Primitive Reflexes testing to define behaviors objectively and see how the first-year skills were attained.
Specialized genetic testing can be done as early as birth to determine mutations that can affect their development and predisposition of inherited medical conditions. Once we know the genetic mutation the individual possesses, WIN can treat the patient before they demonstrate any symptoms and this allows the opportunity to prevent the symptoms or condition.
WIN provides guidance to parents concerned about vaccination during the first year. We recommend alternative vaccination schedules that comply with the AAP recommendations but at the same time takes into consideration parents' wishes and concerns. 
WIN does not provide general pediatric care routinely but we can provide consultations on special circumstances. It is very important that the parent consults their primary medical doctor for routine or emergency health situations. Please, consult our Front Desk Personnel for more details.

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