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WIN Treats Patient From Age 18 To 80 Years Old

The adult patient’s age evaluated varies from 18 years old to 80 years old. The most common diagnosis is ADHD, forgetfulness, abdominal pain, fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, anti-aging, and Alzheimer's.

We also have a large population of college and graduate students that are struggling in college or have left college because they are not able to obtain passing grades. Other students have problems passing an exam for graduate school which does not allow them to fulfill their goal of graduate school.

The WIN Comprehensive Evaluation

Their first step to developing a plan of treatment is a comprehensive evaluation which includes detailed past medical history, detailed physical and neurological exam. In addition, we conduct quantitative tests to evaluate skills which include Primitive Reflexes and Listening test (measures Central Auditory Processing).

Since we do not offer routine medical care, we require a clearance from the primary medical doctor (PMD) before starting treatment to make sure that traditional medical conditions have been ruled out or are in treatment. Do not worry -- a referral will be given to you with specific instructions during your initial evaluation. It is very important that the patient consults their PMD for routine or emergency health situations. The patient must continue taking the medication prescribed as instructed by their physician. As soon as the medical condition improves, we will work with the doctor to wean medication if possible, in a secure manner.

Our Treatment & Programs

These programs are designed for the busy professional and for people at any age that want to maximize health and cognitive skills. The program’s objective is to keep you functioning at your maximum capacity while you are dealing with daily responsibilities at work and at home.

Request a WIN Evaluation that can help you identify and decrease the probability of developing inherit aging conditions that cause memory and concentration problems, conditions associated with stress like, fatigue and insomnia. Prevent conditions that run in your family like high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, thyroid, obesity, depression, anxiety, among others. We also offer integrative medicine for Alzheimer's. Stop what is harming your body and supply your body with what it needs based on specialized laboratories that include genetic testing.

The programs can be personalized, and you take advantage of our avant-garde equipment. The program will train your brain and help maintain and improve cognitive skills. You will feel Revitalize, Energized, and Ready for what the day brings! Do not wait until you have symptoms to do something about it!  Be healthy and enjoy your life at the fullest! Call today and change the rest of your life!


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