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Integrated Listening System Treatment

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What is Integrated Listening System (ILS)?

The Wellness Institute of Neurodevelopment incorporates the Integrated Listening System treatment to some of its protocols of care to accelerate the acquisition of skill. The ILS system produces filtered auditory frequencies to increase the stimulation of the brain which can be programmed to target the specific areas that need additional stimulation. Doctor Tomatis, a French otorhinolaryngologist (ENT), discovered that the brain can be stimulated by filtered auditory frequencies. Furthermore, from neuropsychologist studies we have learned that the brain is organized like a piano keyboard. (link to video music instinct) which allows us to be able to stimulate the brain to develop the desire skill with specific frequencies of sound.

In our clinic, we utilize the Focus and the Pro System which produce stimulation of the brain by the tympanic membrane and the temporal bone at a clinical level. Our advanced trained health professional will develop an individualized program for the patient designed to target specific brain areas. Our unique programs are revised continually, and the stimulation program is changed according to the patient’s progress. The ILS system is utilized as multisensory therapy that it is complement with physical, sensory, speech, cognitive, and emotional therapies utilizing other avant-garde technologies and fueled by The Franceschi Method to accelerate results.

The Integrated Listening System equipment can be use by itself or in combination with other treatments offered in WIN to increase rate of healing. The physician will offer different options of treatment to improve the speed of recovering depending on the condition and severity.

Conditions that can benefit from this equipment

  • Concentration/Attention/Memory
  • Speech & Language
  • Written Expression & Reading Comprehension
  • Social Communication & Behavior
  • Motor Skills
  • Processing Speed
  • Sensory Processing

Take advantage of the holistic Integrated Listening System program at the Wellness Institute of Neurodevelopment that will combine different modalities of treatment to achieve an even better outcome.

A Pilot Study of Integrated Listening Systems for Children with Sensory Processing Problems, Sarah A. Schoen, PhD, OTR, Lucy J. Miller, PhD, OTR, and Jillian Sullivan, PhD
Journal of Occupational Therapy: Schools and Early Intervention, 8: 1-21 2015

J. Anne Calhoon, Ph. D. Educational Psychology, University of New Mexico
Summary: A controlled study involving 64 K-2 at-risk students was conducted by U of New Mexico researcher Anne Calhoon, Ph.D. Students participated in the Alpha Program,* a program combining iLs with art therapy. The average improvement in reading over the 3-month intervention was 2 years.  “Taken as a whole, this analysis indicates that the students in the experimental group have improved in all categories associated with reading. This improved achievement is significantly greater (more meaningful) than the improvements of the control group peers. Overall the picture presented of the students in ALPHA is one that shows immense growth in cognitive, academic, and psychological areas.”

Using the Focus System in a Sylvan Learning Center for Students with Learning Differences,
Ann Smith, Sylvan Center Owner, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, 2016
Abstract: Data on 44 students was collected to measure the effect of the iLs Focus System on students with learning difficulties. The Focus System was used before beginning the Sylvan program. Pre- and post- assessments include Sylvan’s math and reading tests and the iLs Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA). Results showed that, on average, students’ math and reading scores improved by approximately 1.2 years after the 40-hour Focus program. Average improvements in the MFA categories included:
Social/Emotional → 54%; Auditory/Language → 48%; Organization, Attention & Cognition → 53%;
Motor Skills → 37%; and Sensory Processing → 34%.

Evaluating the Benefits of the iLs Focus System for Children with Cochlear Implants and Other Hearing Devices at the Jean Weingarten Peninsula Oral School for the Deaf, Redwood City, CA, Ann Brownstone, MS, OTR/L, SWC
Abstract: Eight students from the Jean Weingarten Oral School for the Deaf participated in a pilot study of the effectiveness of Focus System programs in improving language skills, auditory processing, gross/fine/perceptual motor skill development and greater self confidence in children with significant hearing loss or impairment. A multidisciplinary team implemented and evaluated the program and found gains across OT, SLP and Audiology disciplines (using Peabody Developmental Motor Scales, II, Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration, 6th Edition, Test of Auditory Comprehension, ROWPVT and EOWPVT).

An Investigation to Evaluate the Benefits of the Integrated Listening Systems in Primary/Early Elementary Classrooms (Kindergarten-Third Grade): The Case of Valley View Academy in Northern California, Jeannie Dubitsky, Ed. D., University of California, Davis, 2014
Abstract: Ten students were chosen for the case study to compare pre and post test scores, survey results and interview data. Results showed similarities and differences among the students regarding physical, academic, social and emotional development after the intervention. Students showed improvement in all areas evaluated after experiencing the iLs program.

Please visit here for more case studies.


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