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Genetic Screening Tests

Genetic testing has evolved significantly in the last few years. Today, it takes an easy process like a swab from the mouth to conduct genetic testing. We discover what predispositions exist by identifying mutations that affect different areas of metabolism.

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About Genetic Testing

The Immune System

Neuroinflammation is seen when mutations in the genes that control the immune are present.

Detoxification Pathways

The mutations in the pathways will cause problems related to excreting toxins, bacteria, old cells, etc.

The Metabolism of Vitamin

Vitamins and Minerals are responsible for turning on the switches that make enzymes work. If you have a deficiency an important process of the body will be affected.

For example, Vitamin B12 and folate are very important in the production of energy at the cellular level, and they are critical for approximately 280 chemical reactions related to the Neurological System. If you have a mutation, your body can be ingesting appropriate amounts of Vitamin B12, but the mutations will not allow enough amounts to be available in an active form. In consequence, the active form of Vitamin B12 is depleted, which in turn causes problems like memory, attention problems, etc. 

Neurotransmitter production

Mutations in gene-related enzymes related to neurotransmitter production can affect the number of neurotransmitters produced. This can cause problems with mood, attention, anxiety, irritability, etc.

An example of how important detoxification for the body is; Alzheimer's Disease is caused by the accumulation of amyloid. 

“Nutrigenomics studies the relationship between genetics and nutrients. Personalized genetic testing solves this problem by providing patients with a targeted, concrete, evidence-based account of their specific nutritional needs”.

From Gx Science website: (the company we use for genetic testing)

The WIN Genetic Testing Program

The WIN genetic screening test is focused on identifying genetic and biochemical deficits as well as establishing an Integrative Medicine / Functional Protocol that stimulates the regeneration of cells to promote healing, neurogenesis, and neuroplasticity. Our medical treatment programs combined Allopathic Medicine, Functional Medicine Treatments, Homeopathic, and/or Botanical Treatment.

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