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Functional Medicine for Neurological Disorders

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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is concentrated on identifying the cause of the symptom and promoting maximum wellness. To be able to address the illness; individualized, evidence-based patient centered diagnosis and treatment plans are established by investigating the patient's genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors that can affect the disease progression. The physician takes the time to ensure that all the patient's health issues are addressed in detail, instructs, and empowers the patient to follow the lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health.

WIN Holistic Treatment Programs

The WIN Holistic Treatment Programs are focused on identifying genetic and biochemical deficits as well as establishing an Integrative Medicine / Functional Protocol that stimulates the regeneration of cells to promote healing, neurogenesis, and neuroplasticity. Our medical treatment programs combined Conventional Medicine, Functional Medicine Treatments, Homeopathic, and/or Botanical Treatment.

  • We believe that if the biochemical cause of the symptom is identified with precision utilizing scientific data and facts (laboratory studies and evaluations) we can improve the condition and with the appropriate treatment our patient’s symptoms improve. 
  • We utilize equipment like the Hyperbaric Chamber and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field to increase body and brain cell activity. 
  • We integrate protocols that will stimulate the body’s processes to achieve their full capacity in a whole-body wellness environment while decreasing stress and stress-related negative effects on the body.
  • The commitment and compliance with treatment protocol are critical to achieving success.
  • Philosophy: Brain, Mind, Health
  • The programs will intervene in all areas that are affecting the patient’s progress such as their physical, medical, emotional, family, school, and work aspects of their life. 
  • It is a detailed, comprehensive program where the patients and caregivers become part of the team. These roles are taught to understand the cause and the goal of the treatment. 
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WIN Therapeutic Treatment Programs

All WIN Therapeutic Treatment Programs are founded on a holistic philosophy. Below are the features.

  • WIN Therapeutic Treatments Programs are geared to maximize skills.
  • We add technologies like Integrated Listening System, Neurofeedback combined with multisensory therapeutic protocols to stimulate and maximize speed, motor, cognitive, communication, and socio-emotional skills.
  • All our programs are powered by the Franceschi Method™.
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