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The Franceschi Method

Holistic Approach to Neurological Disorders

The Franceschi Method ®

An individualized treatment protocol that combines conventional  medicine with complementary medicine  and is integrated with therapies to stimulate brain development using cutting edge equipment and evidence-based methodologies. During the process the patient is continually evaluated to measure the progress and make changes to the treatment protocol which optimize the ability of the patient to improve.

Progress is measured using neurological tests, standardized tests and the ongoing observations from  parents and/or caregivers.

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Phase I

Step 1: Initial Medical Evaluation  

A three-part comprehensive evaluation typically lasting 1-1.5 hours with the physician and 3 hours in the office including Medical and Neurodevelopment test completed by the physician and patient’s initial medical treatment plan. Extensive review of PMH and previous treatments *During this visit physician will also perform a tympanometry and acoustic reflex test in Houston office only.*

Step 2: Specialized Laboratories

Lab work will depend on the specific needs of the patient and recommendations made by the physician. 

  • Genetic Testing 
  • Food Allergy Panel 
  • Environmental Toxins 
  • Nutritional Deficiencies 
  • Metabolic Panels 
  • Hormone Panels

Step 3: Follow-up Appointment

Upon the completion of laboratory studies ordered in first visit, a treatment protocol is developed to improve known medical conditions. The treatment protocol can include Dietary Modifications, Allopathic Medicine and Functional/Integrative Medicine Protocols. 

Step 4: WIN Neurodevelopment Evaluations

After the first visit, patients will take a series of development and neurological tests to identify learning and/or neurological problems meanwhile monitoring their progress. 

  • Primitive Reflex Test: Detection of primitive reflexes, instinctive movements that aid development, growth, and survival during the early years of childhood. Very important determinant of neurodevelopment deficits.
  • Franceschi Method Development Test: A proprietary test where patients are evaluated in psycho-emotional areas, language, motor, cognitive, sensory and academic skills. The main purpose of this test is to evaluate the patient's skills determining the characteristics of the patient, in order to develop the strategies and technical process that will be used during therapy.
  • Listening Test: The listening test will evaluate how the brain understands and processes what it hears (Central Auditory Processing). The main purpose of this test is to establish diagnosis and to determine the treatment plan. 
  • Tympanogram: Measure fluid accumulation in the middle ear which is caused by allergies and can affect neurodevelopment.

Step 5: Neurodevelopment Treatment Protocol Discussion 

After finishing the evaluation, an individualized treatment plan will be develop to address the patient’s specific needs and goals. The treatment plan will target strategically areas related to integration of primitive reflexes, speech and communication, fine motor, gross motor, balance and coordination, cognitive and academic skills including processing of information, attention,memory, sensory integration, self esteem, behavior modification, emotional maturity. In addition, it will identify areas in need related to school, social environment and family dynamics.  Other health professionals like; Psychologist, Psychiatrist, teachers, school counselor, etc, will be consulted depending on the case. The plan will include recommendations on the use of different technologies which will be used to stimulate maximum result in the shortest amount of time possible.


Phase II

Phase 2 is completed based on the results of Phase 1. Often the following activities are completed for each patient.

  1. Dietary modification and individualized nutritional supplementation (if needed) based on specialized laboratory studies. Changes to diet and nutritional supplementation will be done to ensure that the brain has available the building blocks for the production of neurotransmitters, therefore improving the communication between neurons.
  2. Functional and Integrative Medicine Protocols will be recommended depending on laboratory results.
    • Supplements will be recommended depending in genetic mutations, nutritional and metabolic deficiencies and to stimulates energy production at the cellular level and detoxification
    • Homeopathy will be used if necessary to stimulate the self-healing, detoxification, and energy production capacity of the body.
    • Traditional Medicine
    • Others

*All treatment protocols are evidence based and individualized based on the results presented by each patient thorough initial evaluations, laboratory tests and other studies.

Phase III

Multisensory/Psycho-emotional Therapeutic Sessions

Phase 3 is designed based on the results of Phase 1 and Phase 2. Our clinical team’s primary objective for Phase 3 is to encourage maximum brain development in the shortest time possible. We have demonstrated that stimulating the brain results in accelerating the acquisition of skills.

Multiple technologies are used to enhance brain development, neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. These technologies are integrated to stimulate all areas including motor, speech/language, sensory integration, behavior modification, cognitive, and psycho-emotional skills.

The therapeutic sessions occurring in Phase 3 are developed by a specialized team of professionals and follow Dr. Báez-Franceschi protocols. We take an integrative approach, and the results are constantly measured to ensure the improvements meet our high standards of care and expected outcomes for each patient.

In addition, the patient’s medical condition is monitored and holistic treatments protocols are started to support the neurological system.

The parents or caregivers, in the case of children, become part of the team and they receive reports and training in addition to becoming our most important evaluators.



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