The Franceschi Method™ is indeed effective and we never waste the opportunity to encourage other parents to be part of this experience. We feel eternally grateful for the results obtained and how welcome you all made us feel. We hope that every day you continue to help other families as you did with ours. Thank you for all you do!

For us, the experience has been gratifying and unforgettable. We would like to thank you all for helping our son’s growth and development. Thanks for showing us how to understand and engage with him while guiding him through this process. Again, words cannot describe how thankful we are for all that has been accomplished so far and we look forward to the possibilities that now lie ahead for him!

Through the Franceschi Method™, we were able to realize that our daughter had several food allergies. Once we began treatment, we observed a dramatic improvement in her speech and behavior. Her teachers have also noticed her change, where he has become more curious and interested in learning. She has also become more independent when choosing what to wear. More importantly, she has overcome her fear of the social environment in places like playgrounds and parks. Prior to the treatment, she was unable to interact with other kids, and now she takes the initiative and approaches them!

J.M. is more mature and independent. His “temper tantrums” have minimized and his abstract thinking has dramatically increased. He is more cooperative and his fluency when forming sentences has significantly increased. He is also able to sleep through the night and his insomnia has completely disappeared.