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Speech Delay Treatment for Toddlers & Kids

The Wellness Institute of Neurodevelopment has successfully treated thousands of patients with Speech Delay using holistic approaches. Schedule a consultation today.

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Normal Speech development

Speech Delay is one of the most common symptoms initially identified in children. It can happen before speech development starts or patients can lose speech abilities. This problem can be associated with other developmental problems and at WIN, we are dedicated to providing speech delay treatment and therapy in a natural way.

Consider speech delay therapy if your child does not meet this guideline so that he or she can be evaluated, because the earlier, the better. Using our holistic speech delay treatment and therapy, the Wellness Institute of Neurodevelopment has successfully treated thousands of patients. We perform a comprehensive evaluation to appropriately diagnose patients and be able to design a specialized speech delay treatment for toddlers and kids.

Birth - 3 years old

  • Smiles at you
  • Calms down with voice
  • Coos when they are happy or cries when they needs something

4 - 6 months

  • Responds to sounds
  • Pays attention to music, toy sounds or person's voice
  • Babbles and makes gurgles sounds
  • Laughs

7 months - 1 year

  • Turns to sound
  • Pays attention when spoken to
  • Say 1-3 words by 1 year old (e.g. mama, papa, no)
  • Can make gestures (e.g. “bye,bye”)
  • Understand simple commands like “we are leaving”

1 - 2 years old

  • Points to pictures
  • Enjoy lullabies and other songs, stories.
  • Can put two words together to communicate (e.g. “mama milk", “more cookie”)
  • Understands more commands and acquires new words frequently
  • 50% of what they says is understood by other people than mother and father

3 - 4 years old

  • Uses sentences of 4 or more words
  • Can answer simple questions
  • 75% of the words what they says is understood by other people than mother and father
  • Speaks easily, talks about daycare, preschool, movies, etc.

5 - 6 years old

  • Pays attention and understand what is said at home and at school
  • Communicates with other children easily
  • Pronunciates correctly most of the words with a few exceptions like r, l, s, v, z, sh, th, ch
  • Names letters and numbers
  • Uses complete sentences that give many details, can have a conversation

Apraxia of Speech

CAS Treatment Approaches

Apraxia of speech is defined as a problem controlling facial muscles/ movements to be able to say/ do what the patient wants to say or do. The brain knows what it wants to say or do but the patient has problems controlling the muscles to do it. For example, the patient wants to say a car and instead, she/he says tar.

This condition is divided into acquired apraxia or developmental apraxia. Acquire apraxia occurs at any age but developmental apraxia occurs in childhood.

The Wellness Institute of Neurodevelopment performs a comprehensive evaluation to appropriately diagnose patients and be able to design the appropriate individualized programs for childhood apraxia of speech treatment.

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Speech Delay Therapeutic Treatment

At WIN, we offer unique alternative CAS treatment approaches and CAS speech therapy services to provide the best results for your child.


What Our Patients Say

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