At WIN, we have successfully treated thousands of children and adults with Autism through our integrative autism therapy programs. Our holistic autism treatment plans are developed based on the results of quantitative medical and neurological testing. This holistic treatment for autism integrates technology to stimulate neuronal communication and accelerate results. Every child has an individualized medical and therapeutic plan which is constantly revised to assure the best results. 

What is autism? 

Autism is defined as a developmental disorder that affects three main areas. 

  1. Speech
  2. Socialization
  3. Produces repetitive or stereotyped behavior. 

Most often, the child presents with normal development in the first months of life, and then at about 1-3 years the child losses language, visual contact, socialization skills. 

Autism can present in degrees of severity, for these reasons it has been divided into three types: I, II, and III. It can be associated with other genetic conditions. Traditional recommended treatments consist of therapy and medication. 

Traditional Autism Therapies & Treatments 
  • Speech Therapy – Helps your child learn language and speech skills for their everyday communication 
  • Occupational Therapy– Helps your child learn to do day-to-day activities like brushing their hair, eating independently, improve motor skills, and learning positive behaviors. 
  • Sensory Therapy – Involves exercises that engage all 5 senses in order to expose your child to sensory stimulation which helps children learn to adapt and react to different sensations and situations. 

The treatment of Autism has improved significantly in the last 10 years. Important research has been done and other alternatives of treatment have been developed. 

Treating Autism: The WIN Difference 

WIN offers a comprehensive evaluation where we identify the medical and neurological issues that cause developmental disorders. From there, we will identify and use an alternative treatment for autism, no matter which type. Holistic autism includes evaluations and treatments include: 

  • Comprehensive Avant Garde Genetic and Metabolic Evaluation (Genetic Testing, Food sensitivities, Heavy metals, Neurotransmitter production, Gut/brain dysfunction, Nutrient deficiency, Diet evaluation, etc.) 
  • Comprehensive Neurodevelopmental Evaluation (Primitive Reflexes, Central Auditory Processing, etc.) 
  • Homeopathic medicine treatments 
  • Biomedical treatments
  • Traditional medicine treatments 
  • Franceschi Method TM therapeutic sessions: Our exclusive individualized protocol of treatments 
  • Neurofeedback 
  • Hyperbaric chamber treatment 
  • PEMF 
  • Auditory filtered stimulation therapeutic sessions 

The parents are integrated into our alternative treatment for autistic children as they are an integral part of the treatment process with the purpose of helping them to become knowledgeable in their child’s condition and learn how to help improve their condition. We work with families and caregivers so that they feel empowered and motivated. We educate parents and caregivers on how to provide the best support and care for loved ones in their day-to-day life.  

At WIN, we are devoted to changing lives through our holistic autism treatment for both children and adults. In order to help our patients become winners, failure is not an option for us. Contact us today to request a consultation to get started on an individualized and holistic autism treatment plan. 

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