Parents of Carlos S. Testimony about Socialization, Speech and Memory

For us as parents, this has been a great experience, in which we were able to observe huge changes in our son’s overall development. All staff members are fascinating and admirable. The specialist who worked with our son gained a huge mutual understanding with Carlos, which was the key to successful therapy. Since the very first month, we were able to observe a change in his social interactions, his speech, and memory. The team has been with us, hand in hand, throughout the whole process when beginning his academic development in the 1st grade. They all have been of great help and the key throughout a successful process. The Franceschi Method™ is indeed effective. My husband and I never waste the opportunity in letting it be known and while recommending it, we encourage other parents to form a part of this experience. We feel eternally satisfied, but above all, we feel greatly appreciated for the service, results obtained and how welcome you have all made us feel. 

We hope that every day you all continue to impact other families as you did ours.

Thank you for all you do.

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