Parent of Franco G. Testimony about Areas of Growth and Accomplishment

As I write these lines our emotions invade us. It’s a mixture of happiness for the achievements obtained and sad at the same time because we will no longer be assisting sessions 3 times a week nor enjoy accompanying the staff, of what seems obligational. This has been very special! We have grown in many areas of our lives. We have discovered together, that although we may need to modify in some areas along the way, the most important thing is doing it as a team.
Thank you to each one, who collaborated in this process, with their empathy and commitment, made of these therapies very valuable.
We feel greatly satisfied today, to have seen able to see so many goals accomplished. Though we know that Franco still needs a lot to learn, it’s also good to know that he is on the right path and this time with many tools implemented in his daily life.
I am sure you will all continue to succeed in what you do today, and what you will continue to accomplish in the future for many others along the way.
God bless you all!
With Love,

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