During the holidays we spend a lot of time getting the presents and planning the events for Christmas and New Year’s. Nowadays we are so busy that we forget what makes the Holiday Season special.

Do you remember? What memories do you have growing up?  I am pretty sure it is not the presents you received or the food that you ate.  Take a moment to think… What comes to your mind? I’m pretty sure you’ll tell me that it was the people you spend time with… Maybe a memory of a special moment with your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. Or it may be a smell, a game, a joke, the laugh, the face of a loved one when they opened their presents, the illusion of Santa coming down the chimney, or the hope for great things for the New Year!

What we all value for the Holidays are those special moments and how they made us feel. Every culture and every country has different traditions, but we are all similar in that we love our family and look forward to celebrating the holidays together.

This year, instead of just thinking about the food and presents, I invite you to focus on creating lasting memories, so you can help your family remember this year’s Holidays as the best ever! Plan ahead: games (Monopoly, card games, opening presents), anecdotes, jokes, family albums/movies. Make it fun, because that is what you’ll remember: the laughs, the smiles, the feeling of caring for each other.  This year make your holidays something unforgettable, they will cherish it forever; and remember it is not about things, is about moments.

By: Carmen Baez-Franceschi, MD

CEO & Founder

Wellness Institute of Neurodevelopment

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