The genetic testing gives us the ultimate tool to be able to find out inherit genetic mutations related to biochemicals pathways that control the metabolism of neurotransmitter, cellular energy, Immune System and Detoxifications Pathways.

With this information we are able to design treatment protocols not only to try to prevent inherit conditions but increase wellness and treat conditions that are already present.

  • Foundation / Methylation / Wellness
  • Neuro / Psych / Mood
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Neurotransmitter
  • Development
  • Chronic pain
  • Detoxification
  • TBI / post-concussion
  • Diet & wellness
  • Immune / Autoimmune
  • Women’s health
  • Pharmacogenomic Testing
  • Pro 7 Panel (55 genes)
  • Essential Vitamin

IgG4 Food Allergy Panel
Nutrient Profile
Organic Acid Testing
Heavy Metal Testing
Environmental Exposure and Detoxification /Non-Metal Profile
Among others